December Student of the Month - Satya Kumaran

December Student of the Month - Satya KumaranCongratulations to our December 2014  Student of the Month - Satya Kumaran!   13 year old Satya Kumaran is an 8th grade student who has been taking tabla classes at our Edison branch with Jin Won for over 4 years. His interest in tabla began when he saw someone playing it at a bhajan with speed and precision. When asked why he enjoys playing tabla he says: Learning tabla made me realize music is a life long journey. I love tabla because it is a percussion instrument that has notes.  I like the mental and physical challenge of tabla playing. Congratulations Satya.   Watch Satya’s video below and don’t Read More

November Student of the Month - Sagar Vellalath

November Student of the Month - Sagar VellalathCongratulations to our November 2014 Student of the Month – Young Tabla Player Sagar Vellalath! Sagar Vellalath is a 7th grade student who has been learning from the Taalim School for 2 years under the guidance of Kaumil Shah at our South Brunswick location. He developed an interest in tabla after watching tabla accompaniment in his sister's Hindustani classical vocal concerts.  When asked why he enjoys playing tabla and chose to learn tabla, Sagar says: I like playing Tabla because it is lot of fun and enjoyable. It’s an instrument that is diverse.  Tabla can provide a steady beat or any rhythm. It has the Read More

August Student of the Month - Anna Sobel

August Student of the Month - Anna SobelCongratulations to our August 2014 Student of the Month – Female Tabla Player Anna Sobel! Anna Sobel is a puppeteer and musician who bought her first pair of tabla when she was in India as a Fulbright scholar studying puppetry.  She first heard tabla a few years earlier at a workshop at Wesleyan University as an undergrad, where the incredible bending sound of the baya left a lasting impression. Though she owned a pair of tabla from her year in India, upon her return to the US, she had not yet found a tabla teacher.  It was only when she Read More

Know your Indian Maestro Round #6

Know your Indian Maestro Round #6Here is a round six of our Indian maestro edition of Guess Who (or as we renamed it - WHO AM I?).  Scroll down for the right answer. Don't cheat! Share your memories or favorite songs by the maestro in the comments. If you haven't already, play all the other rounds here!   Pt. Durga Lal Durga Lal was one of the handsom male performers to grace the dance scene. He was referred as " The Adonis Of Kathak".  Well known writer and a beautiful classical dancer Leela Venkatraman wrote anditji’s rhythmic wizardry left people speechless. Bhakti,  Sringara was the touchstone of Panditji’s art . " He was the Read More

Know your Indian instrument #3 - Mrudangam

Know your Indian instrument #3 - Mrudangam The Indian subcontinent is overflowing with instruments of all shapes and forms.  Certain instruments are used in a variety of musical forms and over a large geographic area, while others are well-known in a specific region for a particular style of music.  Through innovations by Indian maestros with regards to playing techniques and/or modifications to the instruments themselves, several folk instruments are now used in Indian classical music. Broadly speaking, Indian instruments are categorized into 5 groups: non-membranous percussion (ghan), membranous percussion (avanaddh), wind blown (sushir), plucked string (tat), bowed string (vitat). Through this series of blog posts, we will be introducing you to Read More