Project Description

Taalim School has offered a variety of tabla ensembles over the years. Our tabla ensembles are in the signature style of its’ composer Pandit Divyang Vakil – rich with the history and nuances of Indian classical tabla, yet modern in feel and sound. The compositions are catered to the playing level of its artists, thus we have youth and professional ensembles. Each ensemble has it’s own story and mood, reflective of its’ artists’ personalities.

Information on Talavya – our internationally touring ensemble comprised of artists based in India and the US – can be found here.


Tabla Duet

Tabla Duet

Composed by Pandit Divyang Vakil, this high-energy jugalbandhi is performed by two members of globe-trotting ensemble Talavya – Kaumil Shah and Mike Lukshis,  The professional tabla performance showcases a diverse range of tabla compositions set to the rhythmic cycle of 16 beats, known as Teentaal.

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Taalim Youth Ensemble

Taalim Youth Ensemble

Tabla comes alive in the hands of the young and talented students of Taalim.  Joining the mission to spread Indian arts, the Taalim Youth Ensemble has been performing all over the East Coast to diverse audiences.  There are several versions of the Taalim Youth Ensemble available to perform at community events, especially those geared towards young audiences.

Past performances include: Blueberry Festival, PA; Hoboken Music and Arts Festival, NJ; Edison Juneteenth Festival, NJ; Ragas Live Festival, NY; and more.

Taalika Women of Tabla


Taalika is the world’s only female tabla ensemble.  Blazing new trails for female percussionists in a field dominated by male artists, Taalika sets a new precedent for female drummers.  Current and former members of Taalika include Jin Won of South Korea, Heena Patel of Canada, Sejal Kukadia of USA, and Maitree Mewada of India.

Taalika has performed numerous shows in the United States and India.

Tabla Triveni

Tabla Triveni

Tabla Triveni is a trio tabla ensemble composed by Pandit Divyang Vakil especially for the faculty of Taalim School of Indian Music.  It is a diverse percussion group that demonstrates the universal appeal of Indian drumming.  This high-energy performance is set to the rhythmic cycles of 16 beats, known as Teentaal.  Tabla Triveni showcases the range of tabla compositions, including peshkar, kayda, relas and gats.  Each of these compositions has unique and distinctive musical properties which set them apart from the others, and so Tabla Triveni is filled with a broad range of energetic and exciting elements.

Members of Tabla Triveni have included Mike Lukshis, Loren Oppenheimer, Sejal Kukadia, Prasad Joshi, with accompaniment on harmonium or guitar.