2012 was a landmark year for the Taalim School and that’s not only because it was our 10 year anniversary.

Here are 12 of highlights of 2012.

1) Debut of Taalika as a trio.  Taalika is the world’s first female tabla ensemble.  Taalika was specially composed by Guruji (Pandit Divyang Vakil) and is comprised of key Taalim people – Sejal Kukadia, Jin Won and Heena Patel.  Guruji continued to add to Taalika’s music throughout the year.

2) Launch of Nari – an annual show dedicated to females in Indian performing arts

3) US Debut of Taan – for the first time, American audiences got to experience the Indian world fusion music of Taan, created by Rushi Vakil.

4) Mike on tour with Talavya – after his debut with Talavya in fall 2011, Mike joined Talavya for shows in California! Guruji (Pandit Divyang Vakil) composed some special pieces in Talavya’s music with the addition of Mike.

5) 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations / Guru Purnima – after many years, we celebrated with Guru Purnima with Pandit Divyang Vakil in the US.  We were blessed to also be joined by many of members of our tabla family in India with Talavya also in town.

7) First Taalim full day summer camp – it was a week full of fun, practice and lots of masti.  The week ended with a recital of all the participants.  Lots of laughter and memories were made over the week and students walked away even more motivated and committed to their tabla practice.

8) Talavya’s landmark summer tour – this tour really was a feather in Talavya’s touring cap as they performed for thousands of people across the US and Canada.  It was also their US / Canada summer festival debut.

9) Kaumil Shah from India joins Taalim School – we were thrilled to add Talavya member Kaumil Shah to our team in the US.

10) New Home and New Locations – Taalim School moved to a bigger location in Piscataway and expanded its class offerings in several new towns.

11) Zen Tambour as a Classical Instrument – Guruji (Pandit Divyang Vakil) has been working with Taalim member Vincent Smith to play the zen tambour (a western percussion instrument) as an Indian classical instrument.  The zen tambour is capable of playing melody with rhythm.  Guruji composed music for performances of zen tambour and tabla.

12) Concerts / Workshops Galore – the year has been full of baithak concerts and free workshops for the community, including our Christmas concert, week of Guru Purnima house concerts and more.

All of this of course would not have been possible without the guidance of Pandit Divyang and the wonderful community that we have. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for making Taalim School what it is.  We look forward to 2013 to continue spreading the music!