Congratulations to our August 2014 Student of the Month – Female Tabla Player Anna Sobel!

August Female Tabla Player Anna Sobel Anna Sobel is a puppeteer and musician who bought her first pair of tabla when she was in India as a Fulbright scholar studying puppetry.  She first heard tabla a few years earlier at a workshop at Wesleyan University as an undergrad, where the incredible bending sound of the baya left a lasting impression. Though she owned a pair of tabla from her year in India, upon her return to the US, she had not yet found a tabla teacher.  It was only when she met Sejal Kukadia of Taalim School that she took the plunge to take consistent lessons, as she thought it would be great to take lessons from a female tabla artist.  A few months later, she met Guruji, and was encouraged to practice more seriously. Anna’s world is filled with the arts.  She used puppetry as a tool for child education, and also performs various forms of world music, performing on the fiddle, dumbek, guitar, and of course tabla.

When asked why she enjoys tabla, she says:

I love the meditation of tabla practice.  To me, there is nothing better than sitting outside practicing for hours on end.  Although I also play fiddle, guitar, and dumbek, tabla is definitely my passion.  

Learning Indian classical music can seem daunting, but rather than being overwhelmed by it’s depth, Anna embraces the journey.

I know that even with a lifetime of training, I’d never run out of new things to learn.  I hope I live a long life and get to learn lots of tabla!

Congratulations Anna! Your fullhearted embrace of a life full of learning is contagious!

Watch Anna’s video below and don’t forget to leave a comment!

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