Congratulations to our July 2014 Student of the Month – Guitar Student Aparnaa Muthaiah!

July Guitar Student New Jersey - Aparnaa Muthaiah

Aparnaa Muthaiah is a 11 year old who has been taking guitar classes at our South Brunswick, New Jersey location with Mike Lukshis for 2 years.  Her interest in guitar began at the age of 5 when she heard a friend play for her. When she was 9, she starting learning and has grown to love guitar very much. When she has a full school day she practices for 30 minutes, but most other days she practices at least one hour a day! What’s more amazing is that she does her practice from her own motivation.

Aparnaa recently performed at the Surbhasha annual recital, showing skill and depth that is very promising for such a young age.

When asked why she likes guitar, she says she “loves guitar because of it’s versatility and unique sounds. There are so many songs that the music will never end.”

Learning any instrument can be difficult and when asked what keeps her going, she offers advice that is useful for all music students:

“Keep going no matter what, don’t stop in the middle even if you think you don’t want to continue.”

Congratulations Aparnaa! Your dedication is a great example to students of Taalim!

Watch Aparnaa’s video below and don’t forget to leave a comment!

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