Two weeks ago, we launched the Taalim version (and highly modified edition) of Guess Who? – now named Who Am I?  to know our Indian music maestros.

Here is a round two . Hover over the image for the right answer or scroll down. Don’t cheat! Share your memories or favorite songs by the maestro in the comments.

If you haven’t already, play all the other rounds here!


Pandit Bhimsen Joshi left home at the age of 11 in search of a guru. Loved by the maestros, the masses, and the critics, no discussion of khayal music would be complete without him.

He founded the famous Sawai Gandharva festival in Pune, which continues to be a must-attend event for Indian classical music lovers.

Pandit Bhimsen Joshi was a humble, down to earth devotee of his music and that love and dedication came through clearly in his music.