Here is a round three of our Indian maestro edition of Guess Who (or as we renamed it – WHO AM I?). Hover over the image for the right answer or scroll down. Don’t cheat! Share your memories or favorite songs by the maestro in the comments.

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WHO AM I - Indian Maestro


Pandit Pannalal Ghosh was born Amal Jyoti Ghosh and given the nickname Pannalal. His father, Akshay Kumar Ghosh, was a sitarist and thus he received his initial training in sitar from his father.

His experimentation with flute began with him attempting to play things he was learning on the sitar on a small flute usually playing by cowherds.

Involved in the Indian Independence Movement, due to monitoring by the government, he shifted to Calcutta from his home in East Bengal. At the age of eighteen, he started focusing his attention on the flute, using a long bamboo flute that was better suited for Indian classical music.

Panditji is credited for giving flute stature in the classical world, placing it en par with other classical instruments.