Here is a round six of our Indian maestro edition of Guess Who (or as we renamed it – WHO AM I?).  Scroll down for the right answer. Don’t cheat! Share your memories or favorite songs by the maestro in the comments.

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Pt. Durga Lal

Durga Lal was one of the handsom male performers to grace the dance scene.

He was referred as ” The Adonis Of Kathak”.  Well known writer and a beautiful classical dancer Leela Venkatraman wrote anditji’s rhythmic wizardry left people speechless. Bhakti,  Sringara was the touchstone of Panditji’s art . ”

He was the devotee of Lord Shiva, He has was the great mixture of a singer with a rich voice an accomplished tabla and pakhawaj player and a master of Kathak”.

After his death his children and other art fraternity members have been organising an annual festival called Pandit Durga Lal Memorial Festival.

Durgalal had performed in every part of India and many countries of Europe, the Soviet Union and Latin America. He had won many awards. He died at the age of 42 on Feb. 02, 1990 after giving a 3 hrs performance in Lucknow, India. known for his no-hype-all-substance approach

He always gave advice to his students  that “Don´t become parrots. Feel the movement, make it your own and do it, so that the dance is your statement and not an imitation of your Guru.” – something that students at Taalim always hear from Pandit Divyang Vakil as well!