Neel Prabhu - Nov SOTMCongratulations to Taalim School’s October Student of the Month – Neel Prabhu.

Neel learns tabla from Jin Won in Central New Jersey. Watch a small performance by Neel below or click here.

Here is what Neel has to say about his journey with tabla.

Hi. My name is Neel Prabhu, and I am 11 years old. Tabla is my favorite instrument. When I play Tabla I feel relaxed. It has brought discipline into my life. I started playing Tabla because I wanted to learn a new instrument. Tabla also connects me to my roots. My family is from India, so I wanted to play something that is from there. I also started playing Tabla because my friend once played one or two notes for me and I liked how it sounded. This is why I started Tabla.

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