Make a $1 Pledge

( To make a $1 pledge, send an email to, so that we can send you a pledge form. And thank you!)


“Pledge-for-Practice”!  A 7-week pledge drive in which young Taalim students practice hard to complete a set numbers of hours of practice, in order to raise money for financially disadvantaged tabla students in Ahmedabad, India (via the Rhythm Riders Music Institute Scholarship).

Good luck to these youngsters in raising money for a good cause!

Supporters from the community are invited to become a sponsor to one of the eleven students! Donate $1 for every hour of practice that the student completes in 7 weeks?  (Most of the students have set a goal of around 35 hours)  Taalim students would welcome your sponsorship!  

( To make a $1 pledge, send an email to, so that we can send you a pledge form. And thank you!)

JOIN US on April 6, 2013 to see all eleven student participants show off the results of their rigorous practice:

Taalim School of Indian Music’s
Spring Student Recital & Fundraiser
Saturday April 6, 2013 at 2:30pm
Highland Park Dance Studio
233 Raritan Ave
Highland Park, NJ 08904



Taalim students who are practicing hard

to raise money for the scholarship fund

talk about their experiences so far:

Mark Buccheri (Learns at the Piscataway branch):

“For me it’s been motivating to keep in mind that this practice-drive is connected with and in support of our larger Taalim and Rhythm Riders community, as opposed to being just a personal endeavor. An inspired idea by Mr. Michael Lukshis! Happy practicing everybody…”

Geet Shukla (Learns at the Cedar Grove branch):

“Practicing for the pledge drive helped me attain more skill in the art of the tabla and made me gain more confidence in playing.  Also, helping the financially challenged children in Ahmedabad made me realize that I was very lucky and I felt elated to help the Rhythm Riders cause.”