Rhythm Riders Music Institute Scholarship

For nearly 35 years, thousands of students from various socio-economic backgrounds have passed through Pandit Divyang Vakil’s school, Rhythm Riders Music Institute, in Ahmedabad, India.  The basis for admission at Rhythm Riders has always been that the student have a sincere interest in learning and a dedication to their practice.  Talent supersedes economic backgrounds, yet financial concerns can often have an impact on whether or not a student can pursue tabla seriously and long-term.  In an effort to support such talents, Rhythm Riders offers scholarships to ensure that the student’s tabla journey is not cut short due to financial reasons. Select dedicated and exceptional students from disadvantaged backgrounds have their fees at Rhythm Riders waived, and the scholarships provide additional support to the student and their families.  Taalim School of Indian Music is thrilled to be supporting the endeavors of promising tabla students in India.  All of the money raised by young Taalim School students through this Pledge Drive will go directly to the scholarships offered by Rhythm Riders Music Institute.

Six Taalim students have been selected to participate in our first ever “Pledge for Practice!” fundraiser, which will raise money for select underprivileged and promising tabla students in Ahmedabad, India.  The money that Taalim youngsters earn through this project will go towards the Rhythm Riders Music Institute Scholarship. The 7 week pledge drive will culminate which each of the six students performing in the Spring Recital on April 6, 2013 in central New Jersey.