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gurujiThe Taalim School of Indian Music is proud to present its new workshop series, “Indian Rhythm: A Universal Language.” Conducted by rhythm maestro Pandit Divyang Vakil, the workshop aims to provide an accessible entry point into the complexities of Indian rhythm for non-Indian musicians playing non-Indian music. Joining Vakil are senior students Mike Lukshis on tabla and Ray Belli on drum set, both accomplished performers in their own rights. Though the drum set is a Western percussion instrument, by applying the “language” of Indian rhythm, the duo performances between Lukshis and Belli demonstrate an authentic meeting of East and West–in other words, the universality of rhythm. The workshop concludes with a brief lecture from Vakil on the philosophical and spiritual aspects of learning, performing, and appreciating Indian music.


**A note about PARKING: Although Issyra Gallery us located at 300 Observer Pkway, there is a HUGE, FREE parking lot on the OTHER side of the building. If you use the address 333 Newark St, it will bring you straight to the parking lot. From there, you can walk around the building to the Issyra Gallery entrance.