Kathak meets Korean Arts at Drive East

/Kathak meets Korean Arts at Drive East
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Korean Kathak dancer Jin Won and Master Sue Yeon Park explore the philosophical connection between Indian classical dance and traditional Korean dance and music.

Both the Indian classical dance form of Kathak and Seungmu – one of the most important forms of Korean dance – are very rhythmic and dynamic, and rooted in the religions of their regions – Sufism and Hinduism for Kathak, Buddhism for Seungmu. While the physical and musical vocabulary of Kathak and Seungmu differ greatly, for both artforms and its practitioners, the dance is a means to discover oneself, lose oneself in one’s practice, and connect with a higher power.

Jin Won and Master Park delve into the underlying commonalities in their forms, exploring the connections between India and Korea through the vibrant classical and traditional arts of these countries, staying true to their own forms, while also expanding the boundaries of it.

Kathak meets Seungmu through ritual, movement, and drumming.