Pradhanica | NYC Premiere of Full Length Performance

//Pradhanica | NYC Premiere of Full Length Performance
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Join us for the NYC premiere of the full length performance of Pradhanica.


Pradhanica explores the sonic and narrative possibilities of rhythm through dance and music. Dizzying spins, fast-paced footwork, immersive emotions, and dynamic drumming come together in this contemporary presentation of the Indian classical dance form of Kathak.

In Pradhanica, named for female “leader” or “head,” choreographer, percussionist, and solo dancer Jin Won, described as “exuberant” by the New York Times, demonstrates her mastery over rhythm, leading an ensemble comprised of the Indian tabla, African djembe, Spanish cajon, and Indian sitar. Won collaborates with renowned Indian music maestro Pandit Divyang Vakil to to create this percussion driven work that has a transformative effect. Together they delve deeply into how emotions are expressed solely through rhythm and movement and explore the fundamental rhythmic connection between the dancer and music.

Show Preview: