State of the Arts: Pradhanica Broadcast

//State of the Arts: Pradhanica Broadcast
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State of the Arts, one of the premier arts and culture programs on public television, with more than 30 Mid-Atlantic and New York Emmys to its credit, goes on location with Pradhanica. This feature will give an insider glimpse into how Pradhanica was created, the journey of its artists, especially Jin Won and Mike Lukshis, and the unique ecosystem at Taalim School of Indian Music in which these artists live and create their art.

To be broadcast on WHYY-TV at 11am and on NJTV at 8pm.  WHYY-TV may be viewed on WHYY 12.1, Comcast 812 and FiOS 512, and its Y2 channel is WHYY 12.2, Comcast Channel 257 and FiOS 474 and Y Info channel, WHYY 12.3, Comcast 258 and FiOS 473. Find your channel listing for NJTV here.