Talavya Lec-Dem @OU World Music and Dance Festival

//Talavya Lec-Dem @OU World Music and Dance Festival
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Globe-trotting Indian percussion ensemble brings the Indian beat to Athens, Ohio as part of Ohio University’s World Music and Dance Festival.

Talavya will be conducting a lecture-demostration on the music of India as part of the World Music and Dance Festival.


Lightning fast finger play, split-second perfection, and charisma come together for an electrifying rhythmic ride with tabla ensemble Talavya. Composed by rhythm maestro Pandit Divyang Vakil, Talavya pays homage to hundreds of years of tradition and India’s rhythmic prowess, while invigorating the art of tabla with energy, creating scores of new fans for Indian classical percussion and tabla music.

Ambassadors for Indian percussion, Talavya has performed across the world and shared the stage with artists such as Mickey Hart (of Grateful Dead), Shakura S’Aida, Sidi Toure, and Cuban Fire.  Past performances include: Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Ciudad de las Ideas (TEDlike event in Mexico), Blue Frog Mumbai, California Worldfest, Chico World Music Festival, Chicago Cultural Center, INK Conference (formerly TEDIndia), and more.