Taalim School endeavors to challenge its students to go delve further into their music and/or dance studies. We host several annual events that encourage greater commitment to their practice, push the limits of their stamina, and deepen their understanding of Indian arts.


Pledge for Practice 2015 Partiicipants

Pledge for Practice

Taalim’s Pledge for Practice – a six week pledge drive that begins in which Taalim students commit to a set number of daily practice hours in order to support financially disadvantaged musicians in India.  Pledge for Practice begins in February and culminates with our spring recital near the end of our winter term.

In addition to the benefit for the musicians that the donations help to support, the motivation of a greater goal in the Pledge for Practice has caused all its participants to practice more deeply and for more time than they normally do the rest of the year. Most importantly, our students learn the value of consistent practice which they bring to their music study long after the six week commitment.

On the Participants:

After participating in the Pledge for Practice, I realized what a difference scheduled practice made in the consistency and strength of my tabla playing.
Leela Hedge, High School Senior
Participating in the Pledge for Practice changed the way I learn and play tabla – I now enjoy tabla more. I am more motivated to practice as I am doing not just for myself, but also for someone else.
Janak Munshi, 6th Grade Student
It is often challenging to balance work and practice. This initiative was the push that I need to get to the next level in my tabla playing. I love the idea of practicing what I love while also giving back to the community.
Lauren Crump, Musician / Educator

On Musicians in India:

  • provision of quality instruments and class fees
  • financial support to families of committed students
  • development of skills needed to be a professional artist

Summer Tabla Camp

The most anticipated event in Taalim’s calendar for it’s students is our annual summer camp.  For two weeks in the summer, students get a big boost in their music training with intensive practice sessions, workshops on Indian music (including one on tabla repair!), yoga, games, food, and overall fun, while preparing a special performance for the end-of-camp recital.

During the camp, students from various branches get the chance to interact with students of all ages and years of training.  Often, summer camp is the first time a student works on an ensemble performance – learning about the challenges and benefits of performing in a group setting.

Tabla camp is held in Edison, NJ and Long Island, NY.

How much do our students love tabla camp?

We’d say A LOT, given that they are the ones who asked that we make it longer (from half-day to full-day, from one week to two weeks).

Taalim Recitals

Student Recitals

Taalim student recitals fall into two categories: special event recitals and our annual recital. All participants in our special events, namely Pledge for Practice and summer camp, perform in their respective recitals, while for the annual recital, also known as the winter recital, performers are selected by the faculty.  Selection for our winter recital is based upon a student’s dedication to their practice, not on their playing level. If a student has demonstrated a commitment to their art form, investing the time and energy to improve upon their skills, they are given the opportunity to showcase that to the larger community through our winter recital.

Types of Recitals

  • Pledge for Practice Recital (March)
  • Summer Camp Recital (July)
  • Annual / Winter Recital (December)