Kathak Feet Ghungroos


Immerse yourself in the beautiful Indian classical dance form of kathak with acclaimed dancer, choreographer & teacher Jin Won.

Students of all ages (young children, teenagers, professionals, adults, grandmothers) are welcome to come enjoy the benefits of this beautiful Indian dance form.

Kathak instruction is based on the teaching methodology developed by Pandit Divyang Vakil, which is a modern adaptation of the guru-shishya parampara (student-teacher tradition). Teaching is customized to the needs, skill, and personality of each student. Even in a group setting, each student gets individual and targeted attention.

Kathak classes are offered in a group, semi-private, and private setting in Edison, NJ.

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Jin Won’s dedicated approach to teaching, deep understanding of rhythm, and innovative and exciting choreography have allowed to me to grow tremendously as a Kathak student. By training with Jin, I had the opportunity to perform with Pradhanica, Taalim’s stellar dance and world drum ensemble. It was an experience I’ll never forget!
Geetika Sripathi, Digital Marketer
Jin Won is an inspirational teacher – she showed my daughter how true artists dedicate themselves to perfecting their art, while always remaining open to new influences.
Aruna Rao, Taalim Parent


At the Taalim School of Indian Music, students will learn the two major aspects of kathak – nritta (pure dance) and natya (expressive dance).

Initial training in nritta, begins with basic footwork (tatkar), movements, and chakars, as well as technical compositions such as tukda, bant, tihais, gats, etc.  As the student advances, the technical repertoire will expand to include that, uthan, amaad, gat, etc.  Given Ms. Won’s background as a tabla player as well, students will gain a strong understanding of rhythm and the rhythm plays in music and dance.

Natya or the story-telling aspect of kathak is taught through vandana, thumris, and bhajans.  In addition to traditional stories from Indian culture, stories from American culture are also interpreted through kathak to make the dance form more accessible.

Throughout our kathak classes, a strong emphasis is placed on understanding the body through movement, with a focus on body alignment and posture.

As with training in any other classical dance form, learning kathak instills discipline and focus.

While becoming a professional kathak dancer takes years of training, similar to ballet, basic to intermediate training in kathak is considered a major asset for all dancers, especially those interested in Bollywood dance.


Pradhanica - Kathak by Jin WonSouth Korean artist Jin Won is an accomplished kathak dancer, tabla player, and music educator. Hailed by the New York Times as an “exuberant dancer…whose musicality transformed her dancing into something primal,” Jin infuses her own creativity into her performance.

Her love of Indian arts led her to live in India for over 15 years training in tabla under Pandit Divyang Vakil, and in Kathak under Shrimati Shubha Desai before joining the Taalim School as a faculty member and artist.  Her unconventional journey has been the subject of a documentary by the Korean Broadcasting Service and serves as an inspiration to many.

Her passion is to spread Indian classical arts.  In this aim, she has authored a textbook on tabla, which is currently being translated into Korean.  Committed to her students’ growth, Jin is known as a firm, yet amicable teacher.


We generally accept children at the age of 7 in kathak classes. Children aged 6 are taken on a case by case basis.
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