Student’s Corner

Our long history of educating both children and adults has grown into a stimulating and varied calendar of activities that supplement the regular weekly classes attended by Taalim students. We strongly value the connections built with students and their families as life-long relationships. We offer many programs which create a balanced and holistic experience for students to achieve their artistic goals.

Our Student Activities


Summer Camp

Our annual summer camp is an amazing experience for all students, with lots of opportunities for practice, games, and learning new things that you might not typically encounter in your regular classes. Whether you're a first-timer or a long-time attendee, the camp is a great chance to get inspired and connect with your fellow students.

Pledge For Practice

Pledge for Practice is a 30 day initiative by Taalim School that challenges music and dance students in the US to turn their committed daily practice into funds that support financially disadvantaged artists in India in continuing the pursuit of their artistic talent.



We do hold regular recitals and house concerts where students are given a chance to show their practice and ability. There are both big and small recitals for various organizations, community events, and music lovers.


Throughout the year we provide various opportunities for Taalim students to get a deeper understanding of Indian music and dance and enhance their artistry. As these workshops explore exclusive topics that are not covered in normal classes, it is expected that all students attend these special sessions. Taalim students are also periodically given the special chance to learn from and play directly in front of Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil. Taalim also offers workshops open to the general public.



Our annual Taalim Picnic is an outdoor gathering in which students along with their family and friends come together for a group tabla practice, pot luck meal, games, and all around fun. It is a cherished opportunity to connect with peers, build lasting memories, and forge stronger bonds within our close-knit community. Don’t miss the group tabla photo that captures each year’s picnic!

House Concerts

Students can see professionals from USA and India perform up-close in an intimate “Baithak” style atmosphere. It’s an important experience for all students both culturally and musically.