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Welcome To Taalim

Taalim school of Indian Music is a premiere institute of South Asian performing arts and education guided by Indian music maestro Pandit Divyang Vakil. Through our 20 years of history building a community that spans the entire United States, performing all over North America, and teaching thousands of students of all ages, Taalim has helped to weave the Indian classical tradition into this land.

Specializing in both Tabla percussion and Kathak dancing, Taalim offers weekly classes with expert faculty, a variety of stage productions by world class performers, as well as master classes and workshops on topics ranging from rhythm training to spirituality. Regardless of your musical background or experience, Taalim school of Indian Music can provide you with the highest quality experience in pursuing your aspirations.


Our Classes

Tabla Classes


One the most popular hand drums in the world, Tabla’s music is as rich as it’s sound! One of the most valued tools in our students’ lives to maintain inner balance, practicing tabla is perfect for anyone whether child or adult, life-long musician or true beginner.

Kathak Classes


An ancient North Indian classical dance form, Kathak dazzles the eye with fast paced footwork and graceful movement. Our Kathak classes are family friendly with many parents joining alongside their children! Explore the deep mind and body connection that Kathak dance can offer you.

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From stage performances for the largest audiences to school workshops where children get an up-close experience, we offer South Asian productions for any situation.


We offer high quality professional and beginner instruments and accessories for your music and dance needs.

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